Testimonial Letter

Bordentown, New Jersey

Mr. Cliff Audet
2295 Forestdale Road
Brandon, VT 05733

Dear Cliff,

When Jackie and I were giving consideration of doing some renovations and additions to our Home on Lake Hortonia, we were looking for a builder who we could have great trust in and one who would do a good job even though we could not be in the area during most of the construction. We also wanted an individual of good character who would treat us fair and would do the work as if we were at the site.

In asking about such an individual, we were given your name and after some discussion and consideration, we decided that you were the one. Our job is now complete and as we added some things in the work to be done at our Home and changed others, and during the time of construction, we found you to be most cooperative and were indeed a great help in giving us suggestions and recommendations. You were the type of man we were looking for and one who we had utmost trust in and you did such an outstanding job at our home on Lake Hortonia.

Jackie and I want to thank you for you every kindness and consideration and are very appreciative of the work you have done for us. We appreciate very much your honesty and good craftsmanship and your working so well with us, even though we were some 300 miles away.

You have my recommendation as an outstanding contractor and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wanted some work done. Thank you again for everything.

Yours very truly,
Ed P.
Jackie P.

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